Atypical Latina is a series of collective interviews that focuses on elevating the stories behind Latina Entrepreneurs. We started Atypical Latina, because we realized there was problem in entrepreneurship that is often overlooked; there aren’t enough Latina business owners.

Social media and the online community takes interest in sharing the stories of predominantly white and male entrepreneurs. Atypical Latina wanted to solve that issue, by making it a priority to celebrate every Latina-voice that has been unheard.

Latinas are often misunderstood by the American society, and we wanted to create an online presence that broke those barriers.

Atypical Latina holds a double sided meaning to it. A synonym of the word “Atypical” is unusual.

Unfortunately, it is unusual for a Latina to own a business by american standards which is why we named our brand “A-typical-Latina.” We need it to become the norm. Not only for Latinas, but also for women to feel compelled and inspired to invest in their business ideas.

Atypical: Not representative of a group, type, or class.
— Synonyms: non typical, unorthodox, off-center, unusual