Atypical Latina talks with Claudia Ramos, Founder of Claudia Ramos Designs

Atypical Latina talks with Claudia Ramos, Founder of Claudia Ramos Designs

Claudia Ramos is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, wife and mother who has been featured on BuzzFeed, Bride To Be Magazine, and more. She works a full time job, and still finds time to manage her business, Claudia Ramos Designs. Managing so many roles can be difficult, but Claudia preserves and is resilient through it all.

Hi Claudia, can we kick this off by having you tell us a bit about your upbringing.

Definitely, I was born in El Salvador, San Salvador. I came to America when I was pretty little which was was two-months-old. Growing up I always very creative and loved drawing. I grew up pretty much in Central Los Angeles, and I was always surrounded by different people, different cultures, and I really loved that. I have a daughter, and she is my number one priority! I’ve been married to my high-school sweetheart and aside my working a full time job, I have my side hustle, Claudia Ramos Designs. I love the fact that both my full time job and my business allow me to really express myself creatively.

What is your niche when it comes to designing or illustrating?

Anything that allows me to express my personality, and I love trends. With the Trump Administration in place, I have been finding ways to really express the Latinx community and our values. In general though, I really just like to make anything that speaks out to women. I’m really able to connect with it, so it comes easy to me to design certain illustrations. Spunky, fun, colorful, empowering designs are my thing. So everything I sell on my website, Claudia Ramos Designs, has a very strong, powerful, and colorful meaning behind it.

You’ve been featured in BuzzFeed, and other major publications. Can you give our Latina community advice on how to get exposure?

I would say it’s important to be active on social media, because the majority of my traffic and exposure that I have gotten has been through Instagram. When I was featured in Buzz-Feed, initially I wasn’t aware I was going to be featured, it just happened. I’m really happy I was able to gain exposure, but I think it came from some of my designs going viral and being shared around on Instagram. Social media is such a cool, useful tool, and hash-tagging helps a lot! Using relevant hashtags relating to your business can really improve the likelihood of someone coming across your business. They can eventually notice your work on social media, and you can get the recognition for it.


Being a mom, wife, having a full time job, and a side hustle is hard. What’s the biggest thing you struggle with when it comes to balancing everything?

Mentally it’s so hard. Lately I’ve been suffering from panic attacks and they really are scary. It started initially with chest pain and shortness of breathe, and then I realized I was having panic attacks. I think it could be a result from my jam-packed schedule, so right now I’m really trying to find balance with it all. It is very difficult though because I have so many roles I play everyday. But I know, I can get through it.

For many women, the toughest thing about having a business is financing it. What have you done to get your business of the ground financially?

Educating yourself is so important! So many people forget to do this, but information is always available to us on the web. Becoming educated with what free resources are out there is crucial. Knowing how to save, and setting money aside for your business is important too. Learn the process of how to get loans, how to become financially educated, and I would say attending seminars can help out too.

If you could give one piece of advice to our Latinx community about starting their business, what would it be?

Do what you love and love the work you spread. If you don’t love the business you are in, it may not work out because the passion and drive isn’t there. If the passion and love is there, your audience is going to see and feel it. Every design I have done, speaks out to my audience, and I love that. Passion shows and it allows you to connect with individuals on a more personable level.

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