5 Latina Owned Businesses and Brands You Should Know About

5 Latina Owned Businesses and Brands You Should Know About

We all love Latinas, but why not support Latina owned businesses?

A recent 2017 study done by the Stanford Latino Entrepreneurship Fund, found that Latino owned firms composed a significant percentage of US businesses compared to other minorities. More surprisingly, Latinas’ make up 40% of these businesses.

So how can support our fellow entrepreneurial Latinas? Easy, buy from their business. The more exposure and buzz they can get, the more it increases the probability of them making sales. It’s a win-win deal for the entrepreneurs and the community.

Here are 5 Latina Owned Businesses You should know About:

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2. Loquita Bath and Body

This famous beauty brand is getting all the buzz on Instagram. Know for its’ concha, pan dulce, and flan bath bombs, this brand sure is incredibly aesthetic and getting ther attention it needs. Yamira Perez created this wonderful brand, and we are looking forward to see what else will be new on the website.

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2. The Social Chica

Do you need someone to create content that will make your brand successful? Thinking of purchasing a custom made logo that represents your business? The Social Chica was founded by Brianna Gonzalez, a 21 year old, that turned her passion into a business. Her business provides social media branding and management services.

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3. Hija De tu Madre

Founder and Designer, Patty Delgado created a lifestyle brand for the latina who takes her culture everywhere. Some items on the website include their famous Virgencita Jean Jacket, and some super cute Concha phone cases. But wait, there’s more, they also sell desk and beauty items. Every item is unique, pretty, and makes you want to wear your cultura proudly everywhere you go.

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4. Passport Polish

This Latina owned business was born out of love for nail polish and traveling. Cuban and Nicaraguan entrepreneur, Mari, says “ I have traveled to 13 countries & counting, much like my nail colors I can never travel too much.” We couldn’t agree more, Passport Polish offers a variety of cute, instapic-worthy nail polishes. Some nail polishes on the site are named after a part of Latin America, like Cuba and Mexico. More interestingly, the online business gives you the option to shop now and pay later.

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5. Dama Lashes

Started by Liz Hernandez, this Latina owned beauty biz’ offers vegan and cruelty free 3D Faux Mink Lashes. Not only that, but they are reusable for up to 30 times. The idea behind this Shopify business started while was sitting at her desk and realized there was more to life than sitting at a 9-5 job.

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