10 Morning Habits You Should Practice

10 Morning Habits You Should Practice

Wake up, run to get the coffee, quickly get dressed, grab keys, head out, beat traffic, repeat. That’s the reality for many of us. We often rush through our days, that we forget to make time for ourselves, and then before we know it, we are left feeling groggy. For entrepreneurs, it is vital to practice good morning routine habits, because they have an effect of how we perform for the rest of the day.

The most successful CEO’s’ such as Steve Jobs, Melinda Emerson, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk and many others have a morning ritual. By incorporating at least one habit, it will increase your confidence, and productivity.

Check out these top tips:

  1. Get off your phone, put the world on silence.

    It is so easy to wake up, reach for your phone, and check your Instagram . Stop doing that and instead, give yourself time to appreciate the quietness around you. Get up, go get your coffee ready, give yourself extra time to move slowly.

  2. Exercise while you visualize

    We all know the importance of being healthy and treating your body like a temple. But what about adding another dimension to that? Exercise first thing in the morning, and while doing so, visualize your goals. Not only will this make the workout more enjoyable, but it will also knock two birds with one stone.

  3. Send a meaningful text/email

    Running a business is tough but it shouldn’t mean you lose appreciation of those around you. Send a text to an employee who has done a great job at the office and let them know you recognize their efforts. Text your mom, and tell her you love her. Send your best-friend a message, and tell her she’s great. Refresh others and you will be refreshed.

  4. Resist reaching for that bagel, have a banana instead.

    Not literally, but have something more nutritious like a smoothie, or a breakfast that’s not too heavy. After a good-nights’ sleep, our body is done fasting, make sure the first thing you consume is a healthy meal. Do you ever feel groggy in the morning after breakfast? It could be because you had a big meal that didn’t settle to well in your stomach.

  5. Get the most annoying task out of your way.

    Bad habits can interrupt your life and make it difficult to reach your goals sooner. Stresses of the day can be an underlying issue as to why you don’t get the job done. Cut out the triggers. If you find it that you leave the important habits until the end of the day, reverse it.

  6. Take some extra time to pamper yourself.

    Make it a priority to do your nails in the morning, try a new hairstyle, or even take extra time to develop a new skin care routine. By taking the extra time to care about your appearance, it will boost your confidence, and in return you will perform better throughout the day.

  7. Listen to an informative podcast

    Having trouble with motivation lately? A perfect fix for many is watching motivational you tube videos. We recommend switching it up and listening to podcasts because you can do them while getting ready in the morning. Our favorite podcasts include Girlboss with Sophia Amoruso, The School of Greatness with Lewis Holmes, and The Daily Boost.

  8. Overrated, but yes it works, wake up earlier.

    Karen Blackett, CEO of MediaCom UK wakes up at 5:45 am. Apple CEO, Tim cook wakes up at 5am. Helena Morrisey, CEO of Newton Investments wakes up 6:30 am. Why shouldn’t you? Sleep earlier, and wake up earlier. While everyone is sleeping, you are working on your business. Life is too exciting to sleep in late.

  9. Review your to do list.

    Look over your to-do list and reflect on it for 5-10 minutes. Prioritize your tasks and of course, get the pressing tasks done and out of the way. Reflecting on it, is better than just writing them down and having them float around your desk. Once done with the task, cross it off, and you will feel more accomplished and motivated.

  10. Remember, be present, yesterday is over.

    Do you ever have one of those days in which you are hyper-focused on the past? We all do. It’s okay but remind yourself that today is new day. Yesterdays’ problems are over with, focus on a solution instead of being focused on a problem. Practice this affirmation in the mornings “ Yesterday is over, I am present today. I will work on being proactive, not reactive.”

    Looking to start a successful morning routine but don’t know where to start?

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