What No One Tells You About Being An Entrepreneur

What No One Tells You About Being An Entrepreneur

When you hear the word “Entrepreneurship” what comes to mind? Probably a fancy, rich-guy dressed in a business suit paired with a foreign car of the year. It is common to make assumptions that entrepreneurs live a luxurious lifestyle, and that they became overnight celebrities in an instant.

We all know someone who is an entrepreneur, a business man or a girl-boss. Sometimes when you ask them what they do for a living, they might casually say “I am an entrepreneur.”

As an entrepreneur myself, I would say that is far from the truth. I am fairly active on Instagram and all social media outlets and love to show the pros of what I do, but behind closed doors it’s not so pretty.

No one will tell you how difficult it is to be an entrepreneur.

So what do we exactly struggle with? I can come up with a long list but for the simplicity of this post, I’ll keep the list short.

  1. Our family thinks we are bat-sh** crazy.

    Most entrepreneurs have a rocky start. They have an idea and the first person they want to share this tremendous idea with is with family. Mom says “ Stay in school.” Dad says “Don’t get too ahead of yourself.” Have you been there? I know a-lot of us have.

  2. Our minds race with new ideas every second.

    Chances are if you run a business, your business bleeds into your thoughts quite often. Trying to go to sleep at night? Can’t thinking about the next quarter. Out with Family? Crap, we forgot to email xyz client.

  3. Our friends just don’t get it.

    We may be overloaded with emails, events, clients, that sometimes we just need to put our social life in the back-burner. Our friends might be a bit upset, but hey this is our job, how else will we make a living?

  4. We sometimes feel lonely.

    Only 15 million Americans are self employed, which is equivalent to 10% of our population is the US. It may be hard to relate to others or connect emotionally when we live in a different world, but when we do meet other entrepreneurs, that’s a win-win for us!

  5. Yeah, we pay ourselves, but it’s not easy in the beginning when we make little to nothing.

    Usually when starting out, we invest our savings and hard earned money into getting it off the ground. From paying a graphic designer, to logo designer, getting an office, leasing a space, it all requires money, and that usually puts us at a deficit in the beginning.

Regardless of all the struggles we go through, it is 100% worth it, when we see the momentum moving and our business making an impact on others. I would never trade what I do for anything else. It is tough, and at times we often question some sacrifices we make, but if we truly love it, we never question giving up. Entrepreneurship is a sprint, not a marathon.

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